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Do I have to do it over again? I don't want to go to school. Does the sun appear? Tom got angry at the children. Some students like mathematics and others don't. Is this your first time in Japan? I can't tell you what we ended up doing. Tom bought a really expensive, well-made pair of shoes. What is today's date? It was a great game, wasn't it?
Wildtangent Games: - I should have left earlier.
- Sure. It's down this street on the left.
- She advised him not to eat between meals.
- I am a B.E. graduate.
- I hope you feel better.
- I stayed up late last night.
- Yes. I plan to buy a car next year. I think you need one in the U.S.
- Hey, what have you been doing today?
- I pickup very fast. I become experienced in just a very short period.
- I have to check and see what the contract says.
Which is the best? You can't trust anything he says. I helped her hang the picture on the wall. Oh, we're not driving. We're going to take the subway. The subway only takes about 20 minutes. Not as much as I'd like to. Usually just on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tom was sentenced to five days in jail and a year on probation for drunken driving. Sir. Mr. Gupta called. I just want to let you know that I'll be late tomorrow morning. All of a sudden, all the lights went out. Where are you going?

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