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Please show me another one. We are going to have a storm. Mary went down to the kitchen. How did your speech go? How many suicides do you think there are every year in Japan? I need to buy new skis. Pop. It's Mariah Carey. Do you have enough money? It's shorter than 3 miles. He came by bus.
Diccionario Oxford: - I went, too.
- She was chosen from among many students.
- I live in Japan.
- Do you know whether she can speak English?
- Where? I don't see it.
- I'm convinced that my daughter will pass the exam.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
- Sure. No problem.
- After further consideration...
- Is it Prasad's residence?
The room was locked. She used to wash her hair before going to school. Liquor is not sold at this store. This road goes to the park. Don't talk about work. We're on vacation. I want to go to America some day. He was standing. Roll on... He really makes me angry. She advised him to do more exercise.

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