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I fell asleep while I was doing my homework. Some people have trouble getting their dogs to eat dog food. Dad, do you have office tomorrow? She denied having met him even though we saw them talking to each other. Are the shops open? Ann likes music very much. Last week. She is used to cooking. His sudden appearance surprised us all. Where did you hear that?
Playgirl Magazine: - Could you do me a favor?
- We're eating apples.
- He ordered me to sweep the room.
- Because he's sick, he can't come.
- I have done my B.S. of Engineering.
- The express arrives at 6:30 p.m.
- The house is owned by him.
- She said she's waiting for you at her sister's place.
- It is likely to rain again.
- She suffocated him with a pillow.
Don't use Yahoo, use Google. If you hadn't had advice, you'd have failed. Let's take a break. They insisted on my getting the work done by tomorrow. I worked on a farm. Have you received an answer to your letter? Playing basketball is fun. You're really sensitive, aren't you? Whose turn is it? You are not Japanese.

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